CONGRATULATIONS on an AMAZING display of skill, poise, confidence and TALENT!  We are VERY EXCITED about the overwhelming dedication and hard work with which this summer of training has obviously provided you and SO PROUD to introduce you to the NEW TEAMS for the 2017-2018 Competitive Cheer Season!!  We anticipate some STUNNING performances, AMAZING routines…and maybe even some D2 SUMMIT BIDS!! 😀

The calendar will be updated soon with each team’s choreography days and practices.  If you haven’t already, please make sure to get me your conflict request emails before the end of the TODAY! 😀

GLITZ – Mini Level 1

Amaryah Pfaehler
Lilian Slaymon
Aubrey Wehmeier
*Marilyn Rodriguez
*Alex Pfaehler
*Hadley Gee

EPIC – Junior Level 1

Lou Cox
*Lily Slaymon
*Alex Pfaehler
*Hadley Gee
*Emma Baas
*Kenzie Patton
*MacKenzie Young
*Madison Young
*Javier Rodriguez
*Emma Thompson
*Jaelynn Cox-Thacker
*Kylie Kaulfers
*Yasmeena Grindle

CELEBRITIES – Junior Level 2

Marilyn Rodriguez
Emma Baas
Kenzie Patton
MacKenzie Young
Madison Young
Javier Rodriguez
Emma Thompson
Jaelynn Cox-Thacker
Kylie Kaulfers
Yasmeena Grindle
*Lilly Whiteman
*Katie Knight
*Noelle Reimer
*Kenee O'Day

LADY RED – Senior Level 3

Lilly Whiteman
Loryn Smith
Noelle Reimer
Katie Knight
Morgan Fane
Lauren WheWell
Stacey Brady
Kenee O'Day
Jenn Gessling
Hannah Britt