School Cheer PREP


Middle School and High School Cheer PREP Classes!

VIP Athletics is excited to offer some of the most extensive School Cheer Try-Out PREP training around!


Our School Cheer Prep class is a 1-hour class intended to enhance and perfect all the skills you will need for your big try-out day!!

Our classes will focus on practicing and perfecting the following skills:


VIP Athletics Athletes

Motion Placement
Cheer Memorization
Chant Performance
Dance Practice
Jump Technique
Being essential parts of a School Cheer Try-Out, we can help your presentation and impact be powerful, confident and fun to watch!!
School Cheer PREP is a tuition class with four weekly 1-hour classes for two months coming back this FALL.
Get your training with the experienced staff at VIP Athletics:
NCA College Cheerleading National  Champion
NCA Staff Veteran
Nationwide Middle School and High School Cheerleading Try-Out Judge
For more information and sign-up, please use the comment box below!