Preschool Classes


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Baby Blings    Ages 20 months – 2.5 yrs

1572de943ad5986783a763147d391ffbA Mommy-and-me class offered once a week for 45-minutes, our youngest athletes dance, swing, play games, and take turns on special equipment.  The earliest age group of youngsters with whom we work feel great about themselves as they learn basic cheer and tumbling concepts in a constantly changing program with fresh and new equipment setups each week.

V.I.Pee Wees         Ages 2 yrs – 3.5 yrs boy-on-exercise-ball-260x300

A Mommy-and-me class offered once a week for 45-minutes, V.I.Pee Wees learn beginning cheer skills, gain fine and gross motor proficiency, and strengthen manipulative skills.  In this class, teaching physical skills is a top priority while the development of social skills is also emphasized.  As the they become good listeners, follow directions, cooperate in a group, and learn more about themselves, parental involvement is gradually decreased through inviting activities with love and understanding.

Tiny Tots               Ages 3 yrs -5 yrs

U472912_getty_rf_photo_of_girl_stretching_arms_upwardOffered once a week for 45-minutes, this class is a great introduction for youngsters into the gym atmosphere all on their own!  Children learn the basics of cheer and tumbling and build a sound foundation for their future as competitive athletes inane sport. The environment in this program is supportive, assuring, and fun! Stretching, jumping, and flipping techniques will instill confidence and self-awareness while developing speed, balance, and overall coordination. These young athletes are taught  basic, age-appropriate concepts in both tumbling and strength training to build a foundation of love for our sport and hopefully start them down the path to health and wellness.

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