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Check out our LIMITED TRAVEL Cheer Team Evaluation Information Packet NOW!

What is a Limited Travel Competition Team?

The Limited Travel Cheer Team Sign-ups are Thursday, June 29th!!  These teams train and compete beginning in July and ending in March.  During this time, these teams will train with our professional, experienced and highly competitive team staff and compete in local competitions in the Franklin-Indianapolis area.  Please read through the information provided in the Evaluation packet to check out some important information about our teams.

How is Limited Travel different from Full-Year Travel Competitive aj-vip-teeCheer?

These Limited Travel Teams of athletes will train alongside our travel athletes within the gym with the same coaches, expectations and intensity, however, they will be offered the experience at a reduced travel and time commitment and financial obligation.  By limiting the travel commitment in the competition schedule for the Limited Travel Teams, families will be excited to experience all the GLITZ and GLAM of competitive cheer in a local setting their whole family can easily enjoy!  Limited travel teams will not travel to out-of-state competitions or competitions that last for more than one day.

Why choose a Limited Travel Competitive Cheer Team?

Limited Travel Cheer Teams are an ideal team setting for athletes at any skill or experience level.  These teams will compete at the same levels and intensity you’ve come to expect from our talented athletes currently winning regional, state and national titles!  Athletes  interested in competitive cheer with limited availability due to other extra-curricular activities may find the reduced time and travel commitment due to the limited vip-athleticstravel for competitions during the season more feasible for their current lifestyle.  The reduced amount of time commitment required to compete on a Limited Travel Cheer Team allows the opportunity for athletes to enjoy the sport of competitive cheer while also enjoying other activities outside the gym or simply allowing them a way to ease into the competitive cheer lifestyle.  Lastly, the reduced amount of time required for these teams to remain competitive directly impacts the financial obligation for a season of competitive cheer on a Limited Travel Cheer Team, making it very cost effective.

If you have any questions or for additional evaluation information, please email us with the comment box below.


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