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What are people saying about VIP Athletics?


“VIP Athletics has been so wonderful for my daughter.  img_8055
Not only has she grown as an athlete, but she has learned
to be confident in herself, proud of herself, and how to be
part of a team.  She has learned much more than how to do a back handspring or a toe-touch jump; she has learned how to work hard for something that’s important to you. And this year she learned how to win!!  We are so thankful to have found this gym where the coaches care about their athletes and their teams. Proud to be a VIP!”  -Winn Knight


IMG_3420“VIP Athletics is exceptional to this sport and phenomenal at helping my daughter achieve her goals. They have made competitive cheer not only a sport but a life for my daughter and a life she is passionate about. They have also taught my daughter to never give up, and when it’s tough to drive through it full force! img_4226She is eager to go to practice every day to see what they will teach her next. She knows that practice is going to be tough, but she loves what she gains from this sport. We love what VIP Athletics has made our daughter capable of. They strive for success with these ladies and gents; I would not want my daughter anywhere else! VIP Athletics is our second home, the atmosphere is amazing and the coaches have such great positivity to these kids’ lives and future.”     – Eric & Tanna Eads

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